Before depositing, you need some preparation:

· Set up your KCC wallet

· Make sure your has enough KCS (KCS is the gas on KCC).

The tutorial on how to create and set up your KCC wallet

Here is the tutorial on how to deposit on Torches

1.Visit Torches website via https://www.torches.finance/

2. Click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button on the top right.

3. Click ‘My Assets' and scroll down the page to the bottom.

4. Select assets you want to deposit and click the ‘Deposit & Borrow’ button.

Torches has supported assets including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, KCS, SKCS,USDC-USDT LP assets.

And you can see total supply, total borrow and other on the dashboard.

Take KCS as an example:

1. Click ‘Supply’ button.

2. Enter the amount you want to supply. Before you click ‘Supply’, please make sure you have confirmed the relevant information.

3. When you finish depositing , you can check the data here.

4. If you need to get your assets back, get on the ‘Supplied Assets’ and click ‘Manage’.

5. Input the amount of token you want to withdraw and click ‘Withdraw’ to complete the withdrawal.

If you are interested in depositing assets on Torches, you can easily apply this function by following this tutorial step by step.

Hope you have a great journey on Torches.

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