FAQs for Torches

What is the interest rate if the loan is paid off early?

Loans on the Torches platform can be borrowed and repaid at any time without fixed term.

The interest rates are automatically calculated according to specific algorithms. It is dynamically adjusted based on the deposit pool and the loan pool, mainly dependent on the utilisation rate of the fund on the platform.

What is the max supply of Torches token? What is the mining rewards of each deposit pool?

The maximum supply is 100 million. Torches token is a governance token. Its value is based on the governance rights of the protocol. 50% of the token liquidity reward for community, which is dynamically adjusted based on interest rates and capital availability.

Where can I find the due date of the loan?

There is no due date of the loan. Users can borrow and repay at any time. If the loan is not repaid, when the sum of the loan principal and the interest accumulates to 100 percent of the loan limit, liquidation will be triggered.

Does collateralising (depositing) but not borrowing mean lossless mining?


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