FAQs for LP Assets

How many LP assets do Torches support?

Now, Torches only supports MojitoSwap’s USDC-USDT LP trading pair, we will launch more LP trading pairs later, just stay tuned.

Can I borrow LP assets on Torches?

No, we support LP assets supply function only.

How about MojitoSwap’ LP rewards when users deposit their LP assets on Torches?

Users who deposit LP assets into Torches still enjoy the same benefits as if they were participating in liquidity mining at MojitoSwap.

You can check your MJT earned on LP "Supplied Assets” > “Manage” > “Withdraw" page.

How to check the LP assets APY?

Go “My Assets”>“Supplied Assets” can view the APY.

How to claim the LP rewards on Torches?

You can get the MojitoSwap LP rewards when withdrawing assets.

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