Torchlight NFT

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is financial security consisting of digital data stored in a blockchain. Just like the name, every NFT is unique.

What is Torchlight?

Torchlight is the Genesis NFT collection of Torches Finance with a max supply of 10,000.

How to get Whitelist (WL)?

To mint the Torchlight, you will have to be whitelisted. You can gain the WL by participating in activities hold by Torches, being active in the Torches community, and joining different giveaways hosted by our partners.

How much is the Mint price?

Torchlight is completely free mint. But you still need to prepare some KCS as gas fee while minting NFT.

How to Mint NFT?

"Connect" your wallet at the top right. And then click the “Mint” Button at the top middle of the page to mint your NFT. If you are whitelisted, you will see a pop-out window that asks you to confirm your transaction. If you are not whitelisted, a message will pop out saying that “You are not on the whitelist”.

What are the utilities of Torchlight NFT?

At the Torches point mining phase, burning torchlight will boost the mining rate. The different level of torchlight has different boosting buffs. The maximum boosting rate could reach 900%.
When $TOR, the governance token, is issued, holding NFT will get allocations of IDOs.

How many Torchlight NFTs can I mint?

Users who are in a whitelist can click the 'Free Mint' button on the page. Users can mint one NFT at a time. The system will automatically match the user's whitelist, and when the button is shown 'Minted', it means you have minted all your NFTs.

How can I check my Torchlight NFTs that I have minted?

Currently, there are two ways for users to check your Torchlights NFTs.
1.You can import the Torchlight (TOL) into your wallet after minting. In the wallet, click on "Import Tokens" and enter the following token information:
Token contract address: 0x6d6a72741e3a413b98febb4d328ee86093ed7ce0
Token symbol: TOL
Token Decimal: 0
2.Visit MojitoSwap NFT Marketplace, you will see the Torchlight NFTs you own in the Profile.

How can I check the rarity of NFTs?

Your Torchlight NFTs will be automatically revealed on July 15. At that time, you can check the different rarity of NFTs you hold on the NFT page after connecting your wallet. If you put the Torches NFT in the marketplace before revealing, the system will automatically sell the NFT no matter which NFT rarity you get after revealing.